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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Crock pot Baked Zitti

Last night, for the first time, I used my crock-pot. I know, you would think a busy lady like me would be the queen of the crock pot. I am was afraid of it! 

I don't typically use or follow recipes, I am more of the just add stuff 'til it looks/tastes good kinda cook. 

But this baked zitti was great AND easy. Crock pot cooking is so easy!! 

What do you need: 

Pasta (I had whole-wheat penne on hand)
Ricotta Cheese (Part-skim, small container)
Red Sauce (store brand because I didn't make any before hand- oops)
Red Wine

So here is what I did: 

1. Take it out of the box (just kidding, it was in my cabinet, so I cleaned the inside dish)
2. Used some EVOO on the sides and bottom 
3. Smear some red sauce on the bottom
4. Add a handful of pasta 
5. Layer the mutz and ricotta 
6. Drizzle some red wine over the cheese
7. Repeat each layer adding extra sauce on the top layer

I started my crock pot on low and then turned it up to high as we got closer to dinner. I stired it away from the outside every hour or so (I don't like when the outsides of a baked pasta dish gets crusty)

I added more water (maybe a 1/4 cup) 15 minutes before serving because the sauce on the walls of the crock pot started turning black- the pasta was unharmed! 

Serve with cheese on top and garlic bread and maybe a glass of vino


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