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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Painting Tips From the Unprofessional Painter

I saw a post on Pinterest titled "Painting Tips from the Pros." I didn't click on it. I don't even think I repinned it.

So these tips are from me. Repin if you'd like, OR figure it out on your own. 

1. Wear a hat or bandana. I still have paint in my hair. THREE SHOWERS LATER. 

2. Soak your brush in a cup of water with a dryer sheet- works wonders to get the paint out and saves you the time of standing over a sink of running water for an hour and half. 

3. Line the paint tray with tin foil. One long ways at the deep end and then a piece length wise. Saves you clean up AND in between coats you can wrap up the roller in the tin foil. Yes, you will thank me for that tiny piece of wisdom one day. 
Tin Foil Wrapped Roller 
Paint Tray Lined in Tin Foil

4. Tape. Tape. Tape. Clean lines make me giddy. Paint on new tile makes me cry. Literally, that happened. Buy the tape and use it. Best way to tape is by using smaller strips that are a manageable length. No one tapes an entire floor with one piece of tape. Get as close as you can and try to make a clean edge. 
Sneak-peak of the built-in book shelf
Sneak-peak of the new bathroom

5. If you do get paint on the floor you can use a flat head screw driver with a rag over it to make it perfect. 

Oops! Some paint leaked through the tape! 

Flat head screw driver

Wrap in a rag and use carefully! (Don't push too hard.)

Look for an update on this post and please post your helpful tips =)

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