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Friday, November 9, 2012

Shower Update Pics and Stove-Top Scents

Hello again friends! I apologize for my hiatus from writing. Hurricane Sandy made me do it!

A four day cruise to Bermuda turned into a week long cruise to Boston. We can't complain though. We were safe, warm, fed, and at times truly enjoyed ourselves. Our families lost power but thankfully no one was injured. We have friends who were not so lucky and our prayers go out to them as they rebuild their homes and lives.

What have we been up to? Finishing that darn bathroom! We can shower! Check out that tile! James has been spackling and sanding since we returned. I can't wait to prime and paint.

I found some couches! We are ordering them online but they are the same brand that Ashley Furniture sells so we can see them in person before we purchase! Ordering online will save a couple hundred dollars! And for $100 they will bring it up two flights of stairs!

As I write this my house smells amazing! I have been experimenting with stove-top scents! 

After our trip we had some limes and mint that were going bad :/ I cut up the lime, rosemary, and mint up and threw them into a boiling pot of water with vanilla extract. After some simmering I added some cinnamon sticks.  Every hour or two I add some water to the mix.

Doesn't it look delicious? No? Well believe me, it smelled like Christmas! 

Right now we have tangerines (they were also victim of our absence!) with cinnamon and thyme! The smell is great and I don't have to throw away any food!  We have been able to use these stove-top scents for a couple days each batch. 

I'd like to experiment using lemon or lime with rosemary, and maybe cranberry with rosemary, apple and cinnamon? I am getting some inspiration from Yankee Candle Scents. 

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