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Monday, December 3, 2012

Another $5 Craft, Country Holiday Wreath

Today, I am feeling so festive! I've got some delish rosemary, vanilla, and lemon on the stove, creating a heavenly scent in my kitchen/dinning room/living room! I have a peppermint candle burning in the bedroom AND I have Christmas lights a-twinkling! 

James and I bought a lovely plant at Trader Joe's yesterday and will now have fresh rosemary, sage, and thyme in our kitchen. I seriously love having fresh herbs and this winter I am going to get serious about taking care of something that brings me such joy. Stay tuned for an apartment herb garden tutorial! 

Other than decking the halls, I have been crafting! 

I am really excited to share this step-by-step country holiday wreath. 

You'll need: 

Pipe Insulation (Found in the plumbing section of Home Depot for around a dollar. My mom suggested using a pool noodle if you have one!)
Fabric Scrapes, any length/width will do 
Duct Tape
Hot Glue Gun 

Holiday berries
Cardboard and Twine 
Fabrics and Buttons 

Start with the pipe insulation, use duct tape to tape into a circle.

Attach the hot glue to the duct tape or another piece of fabric if you can. Or use a small amount of hot glue. The foam will melt crazy fast. Then wrap your fabric around until you have covered the entire ring. There is no wrong or right way. I used dark and light brown burlap, some muslin, and some white fabric scraps left over from my shower curtains. 

Then decide what you want to attach to your wreath. I wanted to use our initial and some white holiday berries I had laying around. And I made a Burlap Bow! See my tutorial here. 

How to make a twine cover letter super cheap? Don't start with a Hobby Lobby letter. Simply trace a letter on cardboard and cover with twine. There are lots of interesting methods to covering letters in string. I fund the trial and error worked best. Also, use small lengths of string and simply hot glue on the backside when you get to the end of a piece. 

Here is the finished project, hanging over our guest bed. I love that it's a little bit winter and a little bit country but not too over the top. 

What holidays wreaths are you crafting this winter? 

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