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Friday, December 7, 2012

Little things to make my office more like home

Happy Holidays! 

Today I am enjoying working from home. I love the energy at my workspace but I love being in my home and near my puppies. Our home office is not quite ready for use, so we have the computer set up on a dresser in our bedroom. I am okay with that. I have a peppermint and vanilla candle burning, a coffee, and the soft lighting of Christmas lights and lamps. I feel less anxious, although I have a million things on my plate. Enjoying working from home made me think about how I can enjoy my workspace this much. 

I am lucky I can work from home a couple times a month but, I can't work from home everyday.

1) I use real cups and mugs. It makes such a difference. 

2) I used home goods not office supplies. My paper clip holder is a cute painted little votive holder. I have $ 1 store picture frames, framing my to-do lists and calendar. I use pretty wicker baskets to hold my snacks. 

This makes me happy =)
3) I surround myself with pictures of those I love and other things that make me happy; Bible versus, inspirational quotes, pictures of the shore. 

4) I can't light candles, but if I could I would turn off the florescent lights and use table lamps and candles. 

5) Lovely lotion. I keep Aveno or Johnson & Johnson lotion at my desk. It smells like baby (I love babies) and makes me happy. 

6) I have a small dog stuffed animal that is filled with lavendar and rice. It can be cooled in the freezer or warmed in the microwave. It is great when I am hot or cold and soothes a back or stomach ache and it is just so darn cute! I got it from Ten Thousand Villages, but you can make one yourself. 

Other office things that make me happy, organized files (color coded), colored pens and markers, and labeled binder clips. I've seen some cool tutorials on how to upholster an office chair. I love the idea of a cozy rug on the floor or a blanket on your chair. I can't concentrate when I am cold (or hot) or generally uncomfortable. 

Here is a picture of today's stove top scent. Rosemary, Cinnamon, cranberries, oranges, some lemon juice, vanilla, and water. Smells so lovely and looks so festive! 

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