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Sunday, December 2, 2012

No Sew (& practically no measure) Curtains!

 I purchased 25 yards of Osnaburg Fabric Unbleached Muslin at 3.99/yard. The folks over at Harts fabric answered all my questions and sent my order out so quick! It took me a couple of weeks to finally sit down and break out my sewing machine. And as it turns out, sewing is not nearly as easy as I imagined. I had hours until our Thanksgiving party and had only enjoyed one creme brulle latte. 

I measured from the curtain rod to the floor and added 15 inches. Then I cut one panel, held them up the window to double check that the measurements would work and cut the remaining fabric. The measurements don't need to be perfect because I left so much to pool at the floor.  I wanted two panels on each window, so I had four pieces of fabric to hem. I left the long sides un-cut, I like the unfinished quality to it. 

The hemming was easy-peasy thanks to my iron and Thermoweb Heat'n Bond Ultra Hold Iron-on Adhesive.  It is as simple as it sounds, you cut the adhesive in strips and iron where you'd like it to hold. Make sure to measure the height of your hem, as you want them all to match. This was really important for me, because Osnaburg is somewhat transparent. 

We are really happy with how much sun-light the curtains block without making the room pitch black. In the summer, I may add a panel to block out the heat, but right now they will stay as is =)

What do you think? What curtain or hemming tricks do you use? 

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