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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happiness is Only Real When Shared

Some folks know, I can be a little high strung and anxious about small details. But, the last few days I have felt an overwhelming sense of peace. I get into bed at night feeling grateful and I wake up feeling rested. My relationship with my husband keeps getting better and more and more I feel connected to my communities. My job is providing me with a healthy dose of challenge and my graduate courses are keeping me intellectually stimulated. 

I'm re-reading, The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin. It was a gift from my dad a few Christmases ago (and a few Christmases since then because I keep giving my copy away!) My dad told me the author and her story reminded him of me. Rubin is a typical type-a New Yorker with a million goals and a high stress job. I am a typical type-a new yorker with a million goals and a high stress job. Rubin spends a year trying to be happy with what she has and really exploring what happiness is. The following are somethings I have learned from Rubin and yoga classes and other books and conversations I have had about happiness. 

Stop doing things that don't make you happy! I used to do sooooo many things I hated. I belonged to clubs I didn't enjoy, I hung out with people who drove me nuts, and I ate food that made me wanna puke. What's the point? You only have one life- go live it! 

Clean now. Just tidy-up a bit. I love going to bed knowing there are no dirty dishes in the sink, the blankets in the living room are folded, the floors have been swiffered (I do this every single day) and the bathroom is clean. A little bit each day saves me time! 

Medatate. I am a yogi who loves metta meditation. If you need an introduction into meditation and yoga, check out my dear friend Shira's e-book: http://storyofacollegeyogi.tumblr.com/. It's an excellent resource and I am mentioned in the book =) Shira is a phenomenal yoga teacher. 

Write in a gratitude journal. I try to use my planner as journal, jotting down specific things that I am grateful for. Sometimes its phone call from a friend, other times the man who held the door for me when my hands were full, and then the little things- I have a family, I can see, I can continue my education, I am madly in love. More importantly, I truly try and stop to reflect on these things. 

Make lists. Even if it is just so you can check off the little things you did today.

It's all about expectations. Don't expect to get something in return. Do things because you want to. And don't expect other people to think what you do is great. My hubby does not care if the dishes are done before bed. I shouldn't expect that he say thank you because he just doesn't care about his dishes! 

Make memories and show them off. Spend money on making memories. Display things that remind you of happy memories. I love photos, I love books. I made a huge book shelf to display them! 

Have you read the Happiness Project? What do you have to add to this list? 

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