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Monday, October 8, 2012

Moving In & Bathroom Plans

I ordered some square pillows for this bed! 
I cant even believe that all of our stuff made it into our new place in two hours!!! It's still a disaster, but it's looking like a home. The beds are set up (and have some bedding on them!), the dressers are in place, and there are some lamps set out! Even though I have two or three more kitchen boxes to unpack, the kitchen is usable  I am making roasted red pepper and pesto pasta tonight! The dinning room/living room is still full of boxes but I think I'll have it all done by next weekend. James' office and studio is currently housing the supplies for the bathroom remodel.

Do you like the dresser as a foot board? 

As I unpacked I found that there is no place for my shoes! I am going to have to do some serious brain storming about that. 

Update: See that wicker trunk to the left of the bed? My shoes are in there (and some are under the bed). We will see if that remains a solution or turns into a headache. 

We also realized that we don't have a place for hanging clothes. Well we do, in the utility closet. Talk about his and her closets- my dress clothes on one side and his tools and home repair supplies on the other. It will work for the time being but is not a permanent fix. After a quick and frustrating trip to Ikea, we decided we are just going to make a wardrobe for our master bedroom.

The most exciting part of this weekend involves our bathroom remodel. Our landlord dropped off the new tiling. For the floor are small tiles of various shades of grey. The tiles for the walls and in the shower are larger dark grey tiles. Here is a link to the tiles.

We offered to do the labor of our bathroom as long as all materials were paid for by our landlord. Our landlord gladly agreed and said in return he would purchase a new vanity and  faucet set
This is the vanity 

Demolition will take place this Saturday. Everything needs to be pulled out; and taking down tiles and dry wall are going to make a total mess. It's all going to be totally worth it!

To make the space look bigger, we are going to install a pedestal sink. Right now the vanity is too large for the space, its square (and ugly) and poorly installed.

We are also going to remove the shower door and install a curtain rod for two panel curtains. My plan is a light color to also open the space up. I need some ideas for a toilet tissue roll and place for hand towels.

One redeeming quality in this space in the height of the ceiling. A small ledge near the ceiling or some molding could make the room look more spacious. I will post some pictures soon and can't wait to start on my window treatments!

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