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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Assemble a Metal Shelving Unit Solo

Happy Birthday & 2 years of marriage to me! Today I turn 26 and celebrate two blissful years of marriage to my handsome James. It's a great day! 

James was out of the house by 5:45 AM so of course I jump out of bed and start a project! 

James' office/studio has been serving as a make-shift supply closet since last weekend. It had random flooring odds and ends, the new tiles for the bathroom, and some left over molding. I had no idea how heavy tiling was until this morning! Who thought that selling it by the box was a good idea?  I'm seriously already suffering from sore abs. 

Anyway, we have this awesome black metal shelving unit that we got at target for $99 five years ago. When we lived in Nashville it was the perfect garage shelf. In NYC it is perfect for organizing James' guitars and microphones.

One might think that assembling is bad boy is a two person gig. Not for this girl! Here is the step by step. 

You need all the pieces: five shelves, four poles, and then 36 sets of plastic rings to hold the shelves in place. 
All five shelves in a pile 

Step 1) Place all the shelves on top of each other lining them up perfectly. Make sure that the shelves have the correct side facing up. Sometimes it doesn't matter. Our shelves have a ledge and we wanted the ledge facing down, so we could slide things off the shelf easily. 

Step 2) Place the poles into the slots at each corner. If you have the shelves lined up perfectly the pole should hit the floor (loudly- sorry downstairs neighbor!) with no problem.  

Step 3) Attach the rings  (ours were two pieces that snap together)  loosely around each pole  where you want the shelf to be. You will be unsnapping them with one hand in the next step.

Step 4) Shimmy the first shelf up the poles and hold in place with one hand while you unsnap the ring and then re-snap the ring below the shelf with the other hand. You need to slide the shelf over the rings to get it to stay in place. 

Maybe you could skip this step and just have the rings out on a table- but then you wouldn't be able to hold the shelf in place and I would get frustrated and wait until James was home to help me. 

Step 5) Repeat with the other shelves. 

I put the entire shelf together in about 25 minutes. Would have been fewer if I wasn't also trying to snap a photo of me holding the shelf AND attaching the rings! 

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