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Friday, September 28, 2012


We went shopping with a list and as with most projects, we realized we needed some more stuff! Here are the items we we realized we needed when we got to the store: 
  • A Jig Saw Blade
  • Pencils 
  • Plane Set 
  • Safety Glasses 
  • Packing and Painters Tape 
We ended up not getting the installation kit once we realized what was inside. Instead we found some plastic tile spacers that we more economical (72 for $8 over 48 for $10). And upon my dad's suggestion used a pry bar instead of buying a pull bar. 

Before we headed to the store I looked on line for some printable coupons and possible deals. I found a couple blogs where folks claimed that many Home Depot and Lowes honored competitors coupons. A couple authors claimed that many cashiers and managers didn't always read the coupons fully and you could get lucky and use a 20% off one item coupon to get 20% off your entire purchase! So we headed down to our local H.D. and as it turns out you can use Lowes and Harbor Freight coupons at Home Depot. If you don't know about Harbor Freight you stop reading my blog and go to their website

Here I am standing in line, super excited, that I may get 20% off my purchase! But alas, they actually read the coupon and said I could only get 20% a single item. That didn't stress us out because before our trip to Lowes we headed to the post office for a Change of Address packet (we typically change our address online) If you stop by your local post office they will give you a change of address packet with coupons to Ikea, Pensky, Lowes, Chase, and Verizon! We ended up saving 10% on our entire Home Depot Trip courtesy of Lowes. Then we headed down to Harbor Freight and used that 20% off a single item, used a coupon for a FREE screw driver set, and saved $24.50 between their circular coupons and daily deals. 

I can now sleep easy until the alarm goes off at 5:30 AM...

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