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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our Home


Sorry! I'm trying to learn French and got excited. Thanks for visiting my blog! I am going to be documenting the work that my husband and I do as we improve our new apartment. Let's just say it has "potential." It is a three bedroom (okay, 2 and a half, but three because we are in Brooklyn) with a formal dining room above a fancy restaurant.

We aren't home owners just yet, which is a good thing since in our two year marriage and before that our two year engagement I have unpacked, decorated, and repacked three homes. This is number four and I plan on getting it right.  I am a big fan of  Follow Me on Pinterest and garage sales, which is convenient since we would like to spend as little as possible on making this apartment our own. We plan on living in Brooklyn and  in this apartment for at least two years, but it needs some tender loving care. 

We have spent most of our adult lives in New York with the exception of the year we lived in Nashville, TN. My plan for this home gets a lot of inspiration from our time there with a New York attitude. I love shabby chic. I love cozy lighting. I am a host at heart, so I plan to make our home into a place where everyone feels welcome. 

Highlights of items I am itching to move in: a Pottery Barn dresser that James and I garbage-picked in New Jersey and then refinished in Nashville (that's a story for a rainy day), a couple of huge hand-me-down mirrors from my mother-in-law, a 4 foot by 8 foot subway map of NYC, a small map of my home town, our beds (I can't wait to dress them- I am obsessed with bedding and pillows!)

Items we plan on spending some money on: a new matching sofa/love seat combo, an office chair for James’ office space, and many DIY projects. I have a feeling the people at our local hardware store will know us by name very soon. 

Current projects on the docket include putting down laminate flooring, redoing the guest closet to make it a built-in for books and picture frames, an accent table for the living room (after we get the couches) and LOTS of window treatments. We are also planning on painting the kitchen cabinets and the couple we are leasing from is putting in new counters and flooring and appliances over the course of the next few months. 

Life is exciting. I am happy. I am blessed to have an amazing husband and family to support us... 

Turning this house... into our home. 

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