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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Super Bowl Party Ideas

We did have a party! I am so grateful to have a fabulous hubby to help out in the kitchen. He seriously makes some of the most amazing dishes. His famous are pulled pork and chicken wings (clearly the south left an impresison on us!)

Want to know what I made? 

Three o'clock welcomed a football cheese plate and buffalo chicken dip

At four we enjoyed a seven layer dip 

 At five we rolled out the chicken wings (sorry no pics!) and then the main event at six included pulled pork and chessy fries! 

Dessert was saved for half time, so we enjoyed some football brownies and Resurection bread with our Byonce. 

And here is our living room! I am really happy with it! It needs an area rug and some more wall art. (If we owned the place we would have those speakers mounted in the walls- but that's a big hastle if you are going to move)

Wow, I used a lot of cheese! What did you make for the Superbowl? 

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