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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Another $5 Gift: Hunger Games Tee for my sis!

Like most of the women in my life, my sisters and I devoured the Hunger Games series. We just couldn't get enough! Although the novelty of the story has come and gone, this Christmas I wanted to do something with the Mocking Jay for my sister Cait. I love personalized anything and didn't want to use puffy paint, iron-ons, or sharpies. Now that I live in Brooklyn, I am a little hipster =) and wanted to pass that on to my sister (who is a total hipster even though she lives in Massachusetts)  

You'll Need: 

Tee Shirt (doesn't need to be new but should be washed)
Spray Bottle
Scrap Cardboard (2 pieces around the size of the shirt)
Scissors and razor blade 
Printer to print stencil (or you could free hand it)

Step 1. Transfer image onto cardboard and cut out 
Step 2. Pour a mixture of bleach and water into the spray bottle. The more bleach you add the lighter color the effect will be. (Remember you probably won't get a white effect, the bleach turns black, brownish/purple. Brown turns reddish, blue turns orange)

Step 3. Place the cardboard inside your tee to avoid getting bleach on the back side of the shirt. 
Step 4. Place stencil where you would like it to go on the shirt. Once it has been sprayed you can't change it. 
Step 5. Spray bleach mixture on top of stencil. 
Step 6: Remove the stencil quickly and be prepared for drips (have a paper towel in one hand) and place directly into trash. Avoid touching it! 
Step 7: Let dry. 

Thoughts for when I do this again: I think I would use another piece of cardboard to frame the stencil. 

Cait loves it and she looks so darn cute it in it! I'll be making matching ones for me and my other sis. Photos soon! 

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  1. This is a really great idea...and cait looks like a model wearing her new t shirt!